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The Vietnamese Food Festival At Main Street Bistro

Banh Mi presents the perfect combination of Western and Vietnamese cuisine. it carries the full features of a modern dishes that can satisfies even the busiest people with limited time to enjoy their meals. Incredibly tasty, inexpensive, nutritious, these words are what can be said about Banh Mi, explaining why it becomes so addictive to eat. Although it’s now easier than ever to travel to Vietnam, we’ve brought the best Vietnamese cuisine right in your city.

Banh Mi – A masterpiece of Vietnamese cuisine

The sandwich began with colonialism over a century ago, when the French first brought its baguette to Vietnam. As time went by, Banh Mi was born in the creativity of Vietnamese bakers with the new unique recipes that greatly enhances flavor delivery. Banh Mi is the combination of pork, pate, refreshing veggies (cucumber, carrots, cilantro, etc.), herbs and mayonnaise, stuffed into a thin-crisp baguette. It is however possible to customize your sandwich with different filling options depending on your regional location and the local cuisine. The most common are Vietnamese cold-cuts, grilled pork, roast chicken, headcheese, pork sausage and various vegetables.

Although Banh Mi is not served in a fancy restaurant but more often in a small traditional shop, its amazing taste has tempted many people to make a return visit. In fact, people remember this delicious sandwich with its own original Vietnamese name without having it translated into their language. Banh Mi has become a phenomenon, a proper noun which was added to the Oxford English Dictionary on March 24, 2011. It has truly made its way to be popular in many countries and one of the best street food in the world.

David Farley, a Food/Travel Writer once said in BBC that Banh Mi was a pretty magical sandwich. It is definitely a must-tried food for anyone who gets a chance to visit Vietnam.

I’m in love with Banh Mi, are you?

Pho (Noodle) is a traditional cuisine of Vietnamese and considered as one of the most typical dishes for Vietnam Food.

The main components of Pho are noodles and broth, along with sliced beef or chicken. Pho is eaten with seasonings such as soy sauce, pepper, lemon, fish sauce, and chili…The seasonings are added; it depends on the each person’s taste.Pho (Noodle) – most popular traditional dish of VietnamesePho (Noodle) is regarded as breakfast or dinner … Beef Noodle is the most famous and popular dish in Vietnam. Besides, we also have chicken noodle, pork noodle and shrimp noodle.

The broth is made of stew beef bones soup; meat is maybe chicken, beef, pork; seasonings are ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, coriander … “Rice Noodle” (Banh Pho) made of rice flour.

It was said that Pho appeared the first time in Nam Dinh but Hanoi has made this rustic dish become famous and popular as it is today. Some people think that Pho is a beautiful feature of Hanoians.Pho (Noodle) in HanoiChicken Noodle (Pho Ga) – most popular traditional dish of Vietnamese

In Hanoi, Pho (Noodle) is a special and important dish of Hanoians. Pho is considered as a breakfast, lunch or dinner, without eating with other dishes. There are many famous Pho restaurants in Hanoi that visitors like the most. They are Phu Xuan Noodle in Hang Da Street, Bac Nam Noodle in Hai Ba Trung Street and Nam Ngu Chicken Noodle, Number 10 Ly Quoc Su Noodle ….Besides, Pho is sold by vendors on sidewalk.Nam Dinh Beef NoodleNam Dinh Beef Noodle is a popular dish in Nam Dinh. Nam Dinh Beef Noodle similar characteristics like other areas including noodles, noodles soup, beef and other spices but Nam Dinh Beef Noodle still brings typical things. In the 50s, Nam Dinh took Pho to Hanoi to serve citizen here. So, Pho became popular in Hanoi until now, even became a delicious and unique dish features for Hanoi.Pho in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to Hanoi and Nam Dinh, Pho is also one of the most delicious and popular dishes of Saigon people. Pho in Saigon is served along with sweet soy, chili, melon, basil, sliced onions. These are extra components lied on plate or basket; if guest like them, they will put them into Pho bow.

There are a lot of famous Pho (Noodle) restaurants in Saigon before 1975: Cong Ly Pho, Tau Bay Pho, Tau Thuy Pho, Ba Dau Pho, Hien Vuong Pho….Today, Pho 24, 5-star Pho, Quyen Pho, Pho 2000 … are the most well-known restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

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